Kamis, 22 Mei 2014

Use It or Lose It!

 My Brain, My Ability is really matters!

I know one of many ways to thanks God is using my ability to the max level

Somehow it’s easy to say it loudly than do it

I am writer, my job always about word, I have blog, and I can write some books but none of them really good enough to make me one of many famous writers in my own country. Or at least update my blog once a week. I only doing writing for job, for money.

At the end of every year I just disappoint to myself, how come in 12 month, 360 days I can’t spent my time to write one page of ‘thing’. I’ve waste my time, a lot.
Now I am turning 27 years old and yet thank God for His barakah.
He gives me so many things, one of them is ability to write, to create something from word. Share knowledge. Make myself better by giving some advantage to people around.

Writing is an art
Writing is great activity to prevent early Alzheimer
Writing is writer way to thanks God
Remind to myself to use it or I might lose it!

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